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The Food Chain and your place in it

For many people, eating “organic” food isn’t a religious or a philosophical statement any more than is taking vitamins. “Organic” doesn’t mean the food has tofu in it, and you don’t have to wear Birkenstocks to eat it (although they are quite comfortable).

“Organic” refers to how the food is grown and processed.
To be labeled “organic”, the crop must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers; organic meats and dairy products come from animals who eat organic foods and who have not been injected with hormones and antibiotics.

No one would dream of allowing children to play with a bag of chemicals, and yet when we hand them that apple or nurse them with our breast milk we are feeding them the pesticides and chemical fertilizers we eat. Run off from the fields sprayed with these cancer causing chemicals goes straight into our water supplies and makes its way up the food chain to us. Scientists have also shown that antibiotic resistance in humans is the likely result of routine antibiotic treatment of the animals we eat. Pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, whatever - basically if its in the food, and we eat the food, then it is in us too.

Lastly, most organic farmers don’t work for industrial farming corporations. They own their own farms, their land and their animals - and they care very much about the welfare of the land and livestock they cultivate. Support them!

Eating organic food is safer, it’s healthier, and yes it really is better for our planet. And no you don’t have to burn incense or eat granola for breakfast to enjoy it.